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From Transco (Part of BG Plc) to National Grid

In October 2000 a second demerger took place and as a result BG Plc became two companies BG Group Plc (the international elements of the gas business) and Lattice Group Plc.

Transco became part of Lattice Group plc, which by now was just one of the three successor companies to British Gas plc. Lattice Group Plc‘s primary responsibility was UK Gas Transmission & Distribution (which by now was reshaped into eight networks, from twelve Regions). Lattice also owned a number of Telecoms infrastructure businesses including SST (UK) Ltd. Other businesses held under the Lattice Enterprises portfolio included Advantica, Fulcrum Connections, Lattice Energy Services and Lattice Property.

On 21st October 2002 Lattice Group plc and National Grid Group plc merged to form a new company National Grid Transco plc (and following a name change in 2005, this has now become National Grid).

This merger united the UK gas and high voltage electricity transmission businesses, the UK Gas distribution business and other subsidiaries including US Gas & Electricity Distribution business. During 2005, four of the eight gas distribution networks were sold to private buyers and the Company changed its name to National Grid.

In October 2016 the remaining four National Grid Gas Distribution Networks became an independent company. Cadent is the new name and is an independent company in its own right, owned by a consortium of investors.