Gas VansRegional Van Fleet - 1960‘s
Gasworks Aerial ViewBarnstaple Gasworks - 1955
Gas CookerGas Cooker Advertisement - 1940
Road GangMain Laying Gang - 1940‘s

Photographic Collection

The NGA has a unique photographic collection comprising almost 500,000 images. This forms an extremely good documentary record of the gas industry in the United Kingdom with images ranging from nineteenth century gas showrooms through to exploration and production activities in the North Sea in the 1990's.

Arrangement of the Collection
The photographic collection is organised geographically by the twelve regions (or Area Gas Boards) that came into being as a result of the 1948 Gas Act. Within this:

All twelve Regions are represented within the overall collection, however, some collections are much stronger than others.

The overall collection contains images illustrating the many different facets of the gas industry. Categories of images include:

Digitisation, Searches and Reproductions.
More recently, we have started the process of digitising our photographic collection, and where images has been transferred, we can search on keywords including location and subject matter with ease.