Frigg PipelineFrigg Pipeline

British Gas Corporation

In 1973 the next major structural upheaval of the industry took place when the Gas Council was abolished and the British Gas Corporation was established. Sir Arthur Hetherington was its first Chairman. He was followed in 1976 by Denis Rooke. The industry was once again reorganised and though the geographical structure remained, Area Boards became Regions and new names were given to reflect their new status- thus the North East Gas Board (NEGB) became North East Gas (NEGAS).

New gas fields were discovered including Morecambe, and the first delivery of gas from the Frigg field arrived in 1977.

In 1982, the Oil and Gas (Enterprise) Act was passed. This, among other things, enabled the government to dispose of the Corporation's assets and obliged the Corporation to carry gas for third parties. These were the first moves in the approach towards the privatisation of the industry which took place in 1986.